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SAP Return to Duty Process

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Don’t let a momentary lapse in judgment ruin your career and future.

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Have you failed a pre-employment or random DOT drug test and need to know what to do next? 

Rainey Counseling Services is a DOT qualified SAP provider who can help you regain your DOT number, retain your job, or improve your chances of finding a new one.

So, what’s the first step?

Call 817-781-7235 to schedule your free evaluation and learn more about the Department of Transportation return-to-duty process. 

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Return-to-Duty Services

Failed Drug Test

Are you a DOT covered employee who failed a pre-employment or random drug test? We can help! Rainey Counseling Services is a DOT qualified SAP counselor who can guide you through the return-to-duty process and get your career back on track.

SAP Designated

Call 817-781-7235 for a free phone consultation with a SAP counselor. If you are a CDL driver who wants to participate in the return-to-duty process then login to your FMCSA Clearinghouse account and select Robert Rainey as your designated SAP.

SAP Assessment Completed

The third step requires you to meet in-person with your SAP counselor for a clinical evaluation. Once the assessment is completed, your SAP will recommend an education and treatment plan (and update your status in the FMCSA Clearinghouse for CDL drivers).

Driver Determined Eligible for RTD Test

After you complete the education and treatment plan, your SAP counselor will re-evaluate your progress to determine compliance with the treatment plan and eligibility for a return-to-duty drug test.

RTD Test with Negative Results

If you are in compliance with your treatment program, your current or prospective employer will send you to complete a return-to-duty drug test. If you pass the drug test, you are permitted to resume safety-sensitive job duties.

Follow Up Testing Plan

Once you have returned to work, your current employer will be responsible for fulfilling your remaining treatment and testing plan as indicated by your SAP.

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