DOT Qualified SAP

5 Reasons to Contact Rainey Counseling Services for SAP Counseling

1. We are Qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (QSAP) who are experienced and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the Return to Duty process. In short, we can get you back on the job fast..

2. Have you failed a pre-employment test? We can help! We are able to return you to eligible hiring status following a failed pre-employment drug test as well as clear your record for your next application for employment.

3. Have a DUI/DWI on your record? We can improve your plea to the court by establishing a documented recovery plan and program. Our program meets the requirements of state and local courts for remediating DUI and DWI offenses.

4. Are you scheduled for a court or probation evaluation? If so, we can develop and document a plan of recovery that meets the recovery program criteria for Community Supervision and Probation.

5. While many nationally owned facilities charge expensive fees, we are locally owned and operated so we can help make the recovery process as affordable as possible.

6. In a rush? We can accommodate most appointment requests within 48 hours.

7. We have over 30 years of substance abuse professional experience, which means we can ensure our patients are not disqualified from their specific program.

8. Did you know contacting a licensed and Board Certified SAP counselor means that your counselor meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements to practice and provide this service?

9. We provide meticulous documentation to ensure the success of each client and avoid errors in documentation that could result in disqualification from a program.

10. Our office is conveniently located in Arlington, just 20 miles from Dallas and 15 miles from Fort Worth. Even if you live the Denton area, we are just a quick 40-minute drive.