Individual Counseling

5 Reasons to Contact Rainey Counseling Services for Individual Counseling

1. Are you unhappy? Do you feel lethargic or anxious? We are trained to concentrate on the most immediate issue first and then work together to discover how to heal the source of your discomfort.

2. Are you worried you might have an addiction problem? While there is no simple solution, we can help diagnosis addiction and, if needed, guide you on to the road to long-term and meaningful recovery.

3. Is stress at work negatively impacting you and your relationship with others? We can provide you with guidance to recognize how the pressure of a stressful career can impact your relationships as well as provide the tools needed to find balance again.

4. Do you feel like something is holding you back from reaching your goals? We can help identify what is blocking your progress to success and work together to develop methods to move beyond those obstacles so you can experience your true potential.

5. Have you recently experienced a significant change or loss in your life? We recognize that there are times when grief or suffering or loss in a person’s life can feel overwhelming or unbearable which, for some, the guidance and care of a licensed therapist can provide profound relief.